Imagine a room full of people looking at the big screen, watching their horse gallop towards the finishing line.

It can be an exhilarating experience, and a wonderfully entertaining way to raise funds and have fun at the same time. We have decided to raise money for the Tullibody Festive Lights appeal.

It’s a fun packed lottery where everybody has an equal chance to win. It’s fun for the complete racing beginner and expert alike and every race contains eight runners that you can name yourself or use the fun names we provide.

We can sell Owners, Jockeys and Sponsors in advance of the event.
Thank you to the Race sponsors we have on board.

  1. Monogram Creative – Design & Print
  2. Rusty Rhia
  3. Graham Hunter Plumbing & Heating
  4. Sean Donegan Clack Man and a Van
  5. Colin Craig CC Decor
  6. John Bridges Ochil Engineering
  7. Russell Scott Scott’s Joinery
  8. Corrinne Muir Interiors

How to Play:

We open the betting for the race, £5 per horse.

A member of the audience will choose a race film at random from the box provided

The film will be shown on the screen

Before the race starts we will give a brief rundown of each of the runners

As no more bets can be placed at this point, you have complied with the regulations

The usual payout is 50% to the fundraiser and 50% to the winning ticket holders.

At the end of the race, the winning payouts are announced

Payout to the winners ONLY