Tullibody Community Garden

Tullibody Community Garden

Tullibody Community Garden was formed many years ago, when the local keen gardeners of Tullibody and Cambus got together to exchange information, share plant cuttings and to bulk buy materials to share. 

In recent years our membership structure has changed, and many of our members do very little in the way of physical gardening but do like the idea of a social group where we hold monthly meetings at the Gallery, Tullibody Civic Centre to discuss various topics.  Apart from talks on gardening and associated items such as garden wildlife, we invite speakers  who talk about health issues, consumer advice,  and on what is available in the local community.  Many  of our members are also involved in other community group activities, including weekly health and  fitness classes and attending the History  Group monthly meetings, which are also held at the Civic Centre and the attached Museum. 

We have a core group of about twenty members.   The Civic Centre is within easy walking distance where you can look forward to receiving a friendly welcome before spending an interesting evening with like-minded people.

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